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Dear Kim Youngmin or Lee Sooman or whoever is in charge of SM’s show productions,

EXO will have a new variety show, EXO 90:2014. Me likey that they’re having enough attention for this year - that they are famous, that they are thankful… coz Tao, Yixing & Luhan have shared their happiness on Weibo countless times in the past month like whatever China line.

However, due to recent unfortunate events - Tao getting his foot wounded (w/ minor wounds on his hands & wrists) & Luhan getting dehydrated before the Meilishuo fanmeet, I propose several laid back activities that EXO can do for their variety show:

1. EXO getting a massage in a high end spa (either they get massage treatment… or they massage each other *wink* 5 out of 5 stars, highly recommended)
2. EXO dozing off till 2PM in the afternoon (I personally think this will have a 10% rating - 1% higher than Kyungsoo’s new drama)
3. EXO reading a phone book (fans will convert the shit out of it & make it their nightly lullaby)

Hoping you consider, 

A fan ;)

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Anonymous asked: what is baekhyun's fearless bracelet?



ohgm dsoghhyyggodmg ok this is something that really pulls my heart strings ok are u ready…. well there’s a staff member at sm called heejin (noona) and shes part of baekhyun’s training team and she’s been training him ever since he first got into sm — ryeowook said that when he was going through some difficulties when sj first debuted, heejin noona helped him a lot and he said she’s very kind… and he also said that she is very very fond of baekhyun and always tells ryeowook to take care of “our baekhyunnie" ;~;

so anyways… when exo were preparing for the wolf comeback, baekhyun went through a kind of slump where he couldn’t sing right and he felt like his voice was letting him down and so he consulted heejin noona and he was like "we’re coming back soon and it’s been a long time since our last album so i have to show the fans how good i can be but what if i can’t?" and he said it was something that always continued to worry him and he always thought about it ;; then one day heejin noona was like to him, "you used to be scared of nothing, so why are you scared of so many things now?" and she told him that she wants to see him go back to being the fearless baekhyun that he once was and so she gave him a pretty little silver bracelet engraved with "두려움이없는 백현이" which means "fearless baekhyun" or "baekhyunnie, who has no fears" ;a; he wears it almost all the time now (right hand). . ;;



he said he’s a lot better now and he’s gotten over the slump and that his skills have improved as a result ;; im really thankful to heejin unnie and im really glad baekhyun has someone like her to lean on because i know he’s always doubting himself and how good he is so it’s very comforting to me as a baek stan ;;

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TOP and Sohee x REEBOK (HQ)

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an unforgettable moment in chansoo’s history

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Minseok being his normal 12-year-old self

Minseok being his normal 12-year-old self

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Anonymous asked: Would it be worth it to become an idol? And what are the chances of you getting chosen/scouted and debuting?



Debuting is one thing. Being successful is another thing too.
Out of thousands, perhaps a couple hundred end up being active.
And from there, a few dozen make a decent income for the risk.
And a handful make a lot of money.

I prefer to be more a master of my own destiny and manipulate my own probabilities, rather than take such a high-risk position as an idol. I like my offline, personal privacy and that’s something I could never have as a celebrity. It’s honestly not appealing to me at all.

"I prefer to be more a master of my own destiny & manipulate my own probabilities, rather than take such a high-risk position as an idol." <—- well said. =)

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